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Welcome To STP Helps

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STP helps is a local community organization aiming to show citizens what can happen when they invest in themselves by simply investing in their community's future. Started back in 2015 as an outlet for citizens to ask other citizens for help with simple day-to-day needs, STP helps has been able to crowd-source with the population of Saint Tammany Parish for individuals to look for ways to make a realistic difference in building a better community by allowing anyone to give a little when and where they can, if able. We have been able to create a lot for thousands of citizens all across our local area by gathering information for anything from local jobs, social services, and including from other local outlets that can help or better a person’s life, all the way down to finding and coordinating individuals from our community that can help with things such as bills or a pack of diapers for another community member in need.

STP HELPS has now been able to help over 10,000 Citizens with personal needs while at the same time finding the most pressing issues that need immediate attention in securing a more productive future for our community as a whole. Some of these issues include but are not limited to:
• *Lack of Citizen involvement dealing with Community matters such as city and parish council meetings, voting, volunteering etc.
• *Lack of outlets and programs that focus on equal opportunity, progressive education, and family Betterment.
• *Lack of information getting to local Citizens about available jobs, events, projects, and Programs.
• *Lack of support from both our leaders and Citizens towards ideas and projects being brought to life to create long term systemic change.

Most of the social issues we are facing in our community are purely due to the lack of citizen involvement when it comes to community Improvement, so STP HELPS was created to focus on ways to get the people of our community active in our community through positive promotion of these issues and solutions to actually fix the problems around us. It's no secret that 2 heads are better than 1, and It's also no secret that more can be accomplished with a team rather a single individual. So STP HELPS wanted to build on these facts by turning the citizens of St. Tammany Parish into the team every community was originally intended to be. With over 250,000 Citizens that call St. Tammany Parish home anything can be accomplished when pulling the majority of these individuals together. Instead of finding 1 individual to give 100% like we expect our elected officials to do, our idea is to find 100 people to give 1% allowing for 100% to be reached without any of the burden or pressures usually felt when trying to make that positive communal impact.

In order for our community to achieve the greatness it deserves 2 things need to happen.

1) All the Organizations and outlets in our community who makes it they're job to try and fix or better social issues, needs to come together in working together to do just that. One of the many reasons these outlets are having such a hard time doing what they are trying to do is because the lack of man power these organizations have due to the lack of support they get from their Community, as well as lack of citizen involvement towards these programs. If all the Organizations that are trying to end homelessness pulled together then homelessness wouldn't be an issue our community would have to deal with.

2) Citizens need to understand the responsibility they have as a citizen. The old saying "it takes a village to raise a child" isn't just an old saying, It's the absolute truth. With over 250,000 people that a single child could potentially meet here in our community each and every last one of those people have the ability to be a positive or negative impact in that child's life. If we want a positive future, then we need a positive Impact in that child's life because our kids are the future. If we want to teach our children the value of doing unto others as they would like done unto themselves, then ‘WE’ need to set that example by doing the same. If we want our children to become responsible as they grow up, then we need to be showing them what that responsibility means.

The best way to teach is to teach by example. If we aren't setting that example by volunteering where we are able or being there for our community when we should, then our children will just follow the same pattern when they get older. This keeps circumstances the same, or can even make things worse. In understanding this, STP HELPS wants to promote the team that we know our community can be. Each and every one of us holds something that we find important. Whether it's sick kids who are in the hospital, or abandoned animals living in the streets, EVERYONE finds at least one of these social issues important enough to them as individuals to think about them every now and again.

STP HELPS wants to utilize that innate passion in gathering everyone that finds something like child advocacy important, and get them to focus on a realistic solution that could make all the difference in that department. The same goes for homelessness, hunger, equal opportunities, education, communal safety, citizen rights, environmental protection, etc. It's not rocket science to understand that if you have 10,000 people come together to focus on one thing. Then that one thing will improve in leaps and bounds. All its going to take is for the citizens of our community to be willing to actually pull together, and build the community STP HELPS knows we can become together.

Join with us and help us make this possible!


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There are over 12,000 members in the facebook group called STP HELPS/Helping Hands The Movement, and they are the real reason we have helped over 10,000 people since Helping Hands' inception! Join up and become a part of something beautiful in your community!